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Gadgets – Are they all good for learning?

  • Gadgets – Are they all good for learning?

  • Isabella

    21/11/2020 at

    Gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and laptop are pervasive these days. They are like the window to access information and tools for us to create and sometimes even innovate.

    They are also increasingly being recognised and adopted as the “heavy weight” tools of learning in this digital age.

    However, as much as it supports learning, can it hampers it as well? Can too much screen time really disrupt learning itself or worse, undermine the learning process such as reflection and face-to-face dialogues that are effective modes of learning.

    With online learning accelerated by video conferencing tools as well as collaboration tools, are we really learning together effectively?

    I believe more research and study are needed to better understand this arena. To accept online and mobile technologies without questioning the side effects or its unintended consequences is akin to buying a car that comes without a seat belt.

  • Mohamad Latiff

    21/11/2020 at

    Totally agree with the viewpoints.

    Gadgets are like knives . If use properly they will serve its purpose. If not they can cause harm.

  • Isabella

    24/11/2020 at

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