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9 Essential LMS Features That Help Tutors

Whilst there are many online platforms out there that allow you to teach online, it can sometimes be very confusing because each platform pride its own unique features. And many of these are designed for structured courses which are delivered fully online. 

So what about the those unstructured learning – where content can change anytime and interaction is key everyday.  Tuition is in many ways very much unstructured in its delivery and it is ongoing – be in a within a short period or throughout the year. 

Tutors therefore appreciate features which can complement and augment their current modus operandi.  

Loolla is one learning management system (LMS) that is designed with tutors in mind. It has incorporate learning features which are useful for online as well as to support onsite tuition.  Below are some of the features that are aimed at supporting tutors as they seek to deliver programmes and expand their students / learners’ based worldwide. 

1. Group
Create group easily and invite your students / learners to be part of the group. You can also assigned roles to them to aid in managing and moderating the group. Make this group public, private or hidden, depending on how you like it to be.Whether you are conducting your tuition online or onsite, group provides you 24/7 virtual space for gathering of ideas, exchanges and resources. 

2. Course
Create a course and indicate your tuition fee if you are charging students/learners. You can select how often to collect fees from students – monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually – and receive the payment directly via PayPal or Stripe account. Your students/learners need not have to manually make payment each cycle as this will be automatically charge at the end of the billing cycle you indicated. 

3. Group-Course Link
Make those who join the course (i.e tuition) to automatically become a group member of your group so that they can connect with other members and immediate have access to the learning resources in your tuition group.  

4. Shared Folders & Photo Albums
Sharing resources with students / learners using the Shared Folder as well as Photo Albums. Name the folders and albums as you like so that they can easily locate and access the resources you have made available for them. 

5. Assignment & Quiz
Use assignment and quiz features to test students/learners understanding after each lesson (or tuition session). Place the challenge questions or quiz for students/learners to attempt and track their progress online. 

6. Video Conferencing
There are many video conferencing tools out there. However sometimes, you just need a quick video call to explain certain concepts, techniques or methods that you have shared with your students/learners earlier on. With Loolla iMeet feature, you can do that easily with the whole class or with a student/learner without signing into any video conferencing software.  For those that prefer to use Zoom, to schedule online tutoring session, you can connect your Zoom account so that you schedule and initiate Zoom sessions right from Loolla itself. 

7. Messaging
Learning is never one-way and is certainly not just 2-way either. Students/learners learn from their tutor as well as from their peers. There will be times where onsite face-to-face meet or via the video call is not enough. With messaging in Loolla, you can take the conversations further – as a group or one-on-one. 

8. Discussion Forum
Keeping the spirit of learning alive within the group helps make learning more effective and exciting. Sometimes, students/learners have ideas and thoughts or questions that spin-off from the lessons. Using Discussion Forum in Loolla makes learning even more casual and social – and fun.  Attached images, links or explain your answers using special characters especially for problems and answers in Maths and Science learning. 

9. Share your tuition class
Share your group or your tuition programme on other social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Get more people to know about your course, programme or tuition to expand your students/learners base. 

Comment below if you have ideas and thoughts on features that are useful beyond the 9 listed above. 

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