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E-Com Business Basic

This course is about e-commerce world. You will know what is the advantages on improving your business model in make use of e-commerce platform around. Online world means you are connected to people around the world in real time, imagine your products will be known by people around the world, you can start to sell your product not only to your city but across the countries. We will not  let you start on complicated thing, do it with existing platform. So start to learn now, we will teach you how to use and market it!

Ardmin · 04/07/2019

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Posted 3 years ago
Simple, To The Point, and Awesome

This courses is recommended for everyone especially who want to expand their business on online platform. This courses make everything sounds simple and easy so we will dare to try it.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

Start to learn e-commerce business even if you already have a running business, it is a good way in improving your income and to make your customer easier to reach your product wherever they are. So start to sell your product across the countries.

On this course, we will teach you to start to create account on Amazon, arrange your plan on your shipping method according to your target audience, and start to sell products!

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