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About Us

Ultimately, the only true stamp approval of quality in learning has to come from learners or students themselves - specifically the positive impacts it brings to their life experience.  

At Loolla, we believe that learning is not just about collecting scrolls, certificates or badges. And whilst there are skills and knowledge to be learnt from the accomplished masters, experts and academia, there is much to be learned as well from the have-beens, the experienced, the explorer, hobbyist, the doers and even learners. Fundamentally, the real value of learning is the direct, relevant and positive impact on one's life - beyond who delivers it.

In a digitally-powered world, Everybody Can Learn From Everyone and Anybody Can Teach Anyone.

Loolla started out as a project by a dad wanting to better help the learning of his young school-going children.  Whilst social messaging platforms are now commonly used these days to aid in learning, they can be disruptive, disorganised and inadvertently divert the focus away from the learning process itself.   He simply wanted to create a better option - beyond the disruptive messaging platforms - for his young schooling children to safely connect with the online learning community; to learn from those who know or have-been there and to share their knowledge and abilities with the world when they are ready for it. 

Online learning is more than just watching fancy videos, consuming interactive contents or obtaining online badges and certificates.

Be it about solving a maths problem from school, working on a group assignment, performing a task, picking up a new hobby or building a skill set; many of us - young and old -  inevitably depend on a network of people who provide useful guidance and wisdom that support our learning and discovery. Without this network, it can be difficult sometimes to locate, reach, sieve through and understand the information, answers and guidance we seek.

Your learning network is the multiplier that amplifies your learning.

Whilst there are many messaging platforms out there for communication and exchanges, and a multitude of online learning courses, one is hardpress to find a tool that can easily build and grow an individual's personal learning network to support learning and discovery over time. A personal learning network (or PLN, in short) is a dedicated space, where one can easily initiate, participate in and spread learning of ideas, knowledge, skills, wisdom, experience, tools and tips.

With Loolla, you can easily build, grow and develop your personal learning network - with relevant people, on different subject matters, at your own time and in your own pace.

Loolla brings together the useful features of communication technologies that allow online group formation, interactions and sharing, with the power of learning management systems that allow you to create, publish and sell online courses.  With Loolla you can :

  • Create online learning groups
  • Participate in learning discussions
  • Create online courses
  • Share your online courses
  • Sell your online courses
  • Connect your online groups with your courses
  • Receive and award digital certificates
  • Track your learners/students progress
  • View your course earnings

Carry your personal learning network with you, always.

Accessible via desktop and mobile devices, you carry your personal learning network all the time with Loolla. You can chat with your group members or create your own course whilst on-the-go. Explore the groups and forums that interest you and join the discussion anytime convenient for you.

  • You'll learn when you interact
  • You'll learn when you do 
  • You'll learn when you teach

Ever encounter having difficulty tracking or finding the "thread of conversations" or "shared content" over social messaging platforms. More often than not, you have to spend some time scrolling through the list of messages and conversation's threads to find the message or thread that you are looking for. With Loolla, you can easily go to the relevant groups and discussion forums or courses to get to it. Social messaging platforms are good for quick communication, but they are not meant to be your repository of learning resources and to grow your learning network. Loolla helps you achieve both. 

When you are in Loolla, you are in a pure learning zone. 

Attach learning resources such as links, media and documents for your course learners/students or group members and have them easily accessible.

Loolla does not seek to replace the spectrum of online courses or online forums that are already out there designed for structured and formal learning.

Loolla embraces the fact that learning is a social process.

Loolla accepts learning for what it is  - a social process.  We give recognition to the fact that in this digital age, Everybody Can Learn From Everyone and Anybody Can Teach Anyone.

  • You don't have to be a professor or an expert to teach the world.  
  • You don't have to be a pro to start a group and learning forum.

Living in a period where knowledge is easily abundant and accessible, your learning network matters more than ever in what you'll learn and how fast you learn. 

We hope you find Loolla useful.
drop us a line to [email protected] if you have any feedback or comments that can help us improve your experience with Loolla. 



Teach and guide on-the-go

  • Create a learning group and share learning content online through the Course Creator. 
  • Communicate as a group or one-on-one through private messages with your students, coachee and mentees. 
  • Conduct an online virtual meet within Loolla. 
  • Sell your ONLINE and ONSITE course or offer them for free
  • Set your course or tuition fees to be recurring or one-time payment
  • Link your tuition class or group(s) to your course or tuition programme
  • Schedule events in your course / tuition group



Amplify your learning with groups

  • Start a group for the assignment or project. 
  • Create forums where group members can easily share ideas, media, documents and links. 
  • Share and invite others to join your group
  • Schedule events in your group
  • Make your group private or accessible to everyone. 
  • Manage the group yourself or get your friends to help you. 



Grow your personal learning network

  • Join and participate in learning groups.
  • Follow the discussion forums that interest you.
  • Find courses, programmes, tuition, teachers, tutors, instructors, mentors and coaches.
  • Subscribe and undergo courses, tuition programmes or lessons that help you in your study or learning. 
  • Share useful and interesting groups, courses and lessons with friends and family.